Over the last 80 years, Ibiza has developed an unusually dense artistic community composed of cultural and social refugees, bohemians and mavericks seeking to express their vision of paradise and manifest a better life.  The island’s natural beauty has impacted these free spirits and inspired them during the 9-month quiet season.  Undiscovered and circumvented by the corruptive manipulations of the international critical art scene, Ibiza’s creative crowd has remained largely naïve and unaware of its own power and charm.

The Ibiza Art Union was founded in 2014 as a non-profit public institution to unite the creative forces of Ibiza and respond to the demands of the island’s ongoing demographic changes and social evolution.  It provides a cultural infrastructure embodying international standards for creatives and art lovers.

Our objectives are to:

  • organise and patronise events in Ibiza and around the world
  • build and maintain a public documentation centre
  • form contacts with other associations worldwide
  • organise collaborations between individual artists and groups in Ibiza and worldwide
  • found a public multi-disciplinary art centre in Ibiza
  • offer resources and facilities for creative and ethical education of all ages
  • develop and patronise a regular international art festival in Ibiza
  • provide legal and administrative assistance to our members